How Vegas Party Band Works

Put on the Vegas Party Wristband. The wristband can go on either your left or right wrist.

How long does it last?
Your wristband is effective for one week from the first club/venue that you attend and/or the first time the RFID chip is scanned. If the wristband is removed, for any reason, the wristband will no longer be valid. The Vegas Party Band is waterproof; it is okay to swim or shower with it!

Some venues offer free transportation (for example, most strip club venues). Just remember when free transportation is rendered, to tip your driver. Once you arrive at the venue, ask a staff member which line to go to for entry. Each venue may be different. Some may escort you right in, and others may direct you to a “Guest List” or “General Admission” line. Please make sure to have your ID ready to present at the door (Be mindful of dress codes. If you are going to a pool make sure you have actual swimwear).

Repeat. Visit as many venues as you desire, and as frequently as you wish, while your wristband is valid!

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